Revolution Pi

Summary of Design

[1].We decided that Revolution Pi should be compact and minimalistic. This meant that the build was fairly simple. At first we mounted the Pi Camera between two foam circles, creating a slim compact design.

[2].However we found that the two dimensional aspect of the casing caused it to be slightly unstable. Consequently we decided to improve on the first design by using a polystyrene sphere as it offered us a greater structural integrity. We used pipe cleaners as legs as they can be easily shaped into any position needed to keep the camera stable. We then assembled everything together as shown in the diagram.

[3].After being painted and sealed together by removable tape to ensure the camera is accessible, the camera pod for Revolution Pi was finished.

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Due to the minimalistic design Revolution Pi was cheap to build, the expenditure is shown in the list below.

As you can see we only spent a total of £67.00 this means that our products is very economical and is well suited to be produced for the mass market.