Revolution Pi Project

Revolution Pi

What is Revolution Pi?

Revolution Pi is a new and unique way to control you computer, using a small camera situated in a easy to mount case, we can track your eye movement and consequently relay this to your computer screen. It allows the user to simply be able to move the mouse anywhere just by looking.

How is Revolution Pi part of the Heath industry?

As Revolution Pi requires no manual input to stimulate a response like a conventional mouse it has all manner of possible uses. Amputees, for example, who don't have the ability to use mice and keyboards, will be reunited with the ability to use a computer once again. Additionally people who suffer from rare diseases like motor neurone disease will not only be able to use the computer as per usual but further to communicate to others when every they need to. Due to its compact minimalistic design Revolution Pi has the ability to be used in endless scenarios and is a fantastic product to allow everyone the means to communicate with a computer.

How much does it cost?

Unlike most new unique products on the market right now Revolution Pi is affordable to all. As said before it is very simple in design, this makes production very cheap and with that brings a potentially great commercial product. Parts for the project were locally sourced and easy to come by, once the final design was finished it wasn't long before we had our first working camera pod. An easy build process allows many units to be created over a short period of time.

Why Revolution Pi?

Revolution Pi is a completely new product; nothing like this is available on the market today. Specialist equipment of similar nature costs well into the thousands. It has great potential to swallow up this gap in the market and become a must have product both in the Heath Industry for helping those in need of the everyday person. Our simple product can be taken anywhere and used by any one making it perfect for our world today.

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